Mustafa Sibai Portfolio

-Blue Flame Engine – A 2D/3D game engine written in C++, OpenGL 4+, DirectX 11 and GLES 3.0. This is my game engine that I’m currently working on.


-Github link: Blue Flame Engine



-Race Start 2 – A 2D singleplayer/multiplayer speed runner game written in C# using the Unity Engine.



-Caved In – A 3D singleplayer game made in 48 hours using the Unity3D game engine for the 2017 Global Game Jam



-Match Match – A singleplayer game ported for a client from Adobe Flash to Unity3D game engine.



Hack’n slash Demo – A 2D procedurally generated dungon game written in C# using my Vault Game Engine.



-Vault Engine – A 2D game engine written in C# and MonoGame


-Github link: Vault Engine


-Heroes of newcastle – 2D singleplayer/multiplayer Tower defance game written in C# and MonoGame