Month: October 2012

3D Tower defense version 4.0.

This is a big update. This is my 3D tower defense game version 4.0 !!

I’m so happy with this build. It look great and my code improved 500%.

Enjoy 🙂

I just want to add I LOVE YOU GOOGLE. They gave us everything. they are one of the best companies in the world and I love and respect them so freaking much.

I just want to say thank you Google for giving us a lot of amazing things and two of the things that made this project possible. Android OS and Sketchup.

You have no idea how much I suffered with 3D modeling software like Blender or 3D max or even Maya. But Google made it soooooooooo easy to do any 3D model in Sketchup. So for that I thank you Google.

My tower defense game Version 3.0 in 3D.

Ok since I have decided to rewrite my game again I thought it would be nice to do something big this time.

So ladies and gentlemen I would like to introduce to you
Tower defense 3D v3.0 !!!!

Sorry for the bad models but Blender decided not to export textures with the FBX format I can’t get the dam thing to work with textures.

looks like I might try Autodesk maya and see if it would work. Also the camera class need some work.

its 5AM so i’m going to sleep .


My tower defense game Version 1.0 and 2.0 in 2D.

So for the past month or so I have been working on a 2D tower defense game using XNA and C# for the PC platform. I’m hoping to bring the game to the Mac and maybe Linux in the future using Monogame.

I have rewrote the game 3 times already. First time I was using SFML and C++. Then the second time I switched to C# and XNA. And finally this time I have updated the UI, I have updated my map editor, I have also added modding support and finally I have completely rewrote the game engine and added network support.

Here is the first build ever V1.0

So here is my first build video (more like version 15):-

And here is my second build video(more like version 19):-